Video Interview with Caroline Walker by Nicola Malnato e Carlotta Loverini

Is almost like using a glazing, a kind of technique and to go reaches in the dark areas, something much more fluid specially in the areas without reflections.

CW:  These female characters in the work, they always play different roles in femininity so in these houses sometimes there are minstresses, sometimes there are Lady of the house or there are the cleaner or the potser, but at least different persona, confusing someway. They fit into clean archetypes of the woman.      JN:  Letís talk a little bit about your technique, how your painting work to create night colorfields works... CW: I always start with making lot and lot of sketches for paintings and I use photograph, but I make a lot of sketches to take away from the photograph expression,  starting to use the language of painting - I suppose - I think what this language can do. I work  with quite detailed acrylic and then with the oil color to give brightness and highlight the brighter areas. It is almost like using a  glazing, a kind of technique that reaches in the dark areas, something much more fluid specially in the areas without reflections.I think is about what painting can do and no other media can, which is what I like the most: my favorite paintings are in the language of reality, but they do something that twist and something that make you think about life in a different way. It is like taking something that we take for granted and then try to make people think about it in a different way and I think painting is an essential tool for do that. It has a materiality that not only affects the image youíre looking at, it's something about the way it has been applied, itís about thing representing also about yourself.