In April ProjectB will present the first solo show by the young Italian artist Tindar. 

The “Radici” (Roots) start with the artist’s reflections on culture, our identity as living beings, as humans, as westerners. To aptly express this concept, Tindar uses tree roots as a symbol, drawing them on the pages of historic texts that form the basis of our civilization, like religious scriptures or the Divine Comedy.
The relationship between nature and truth is equally important for this series of works. “Concrete, silent and powerful substance: this is the teaching nature grants me and before which I bow my head.”



Carlotta Loverini Botta intervista il giovane artista italiano Tindar sul suo lavoro e sulla sua nuova serie The Trace Project, che verrà presentata al Premio Cairo dal 10 al 13 novembre a Palazzo Reale a Milano.