September 2009



My goal is to arrive to the psycological aspect, make it the subject of my photo, a point of view compatible with reality.

After years of photojournalism, consacrated by expositions and rewards all over the world, Jamshid Bayrami has developed a unique mode of using photography as an art form  through light, color and shapes and by giving an unknown rythm to his compositions. His pictures, in which Islam is an inexhaustible source of themes, inspirations and references, serve as a magnifying lens to approach the core subject: human beings seen in their role as a peoples.

Travel is a core theme in the artist's works, by which he charaterizes his activity between the diversity of men, women and populations, between physical and morphological features and between different uses and customs; in this way Bayrami's photos become unique and different from one another.

Jamshid Bayrami's pictures focus on political, religious and social themes of contemporary Islam;  his expressive strength mainly arises  due to some inspirational reasons inquired through a lucid lense, pointed out towards popular rituals and beliefs such as pilgrimages and collective prayer.In this way, with the observation of the world through it's people,  faith shows  the social and psycological aspect which is the foundation and the pretext of  Bayrami's story.

Born in Teheran (1961), he is one of the most prominent war photoreporter in the world, covering conflicts such as  Iran - Iraq one and Middle East politics. He worked for the most famous international newspapers  such as  Time, The Economist, Webestan and Agence France Presse.

In exposition six large photgraphs printed on canvas, in which the core subject - faith, is inquired in different aspects: from big multitudes of orators to tidy rows of people sharing a meal; from striking images of solitary prayer to suggestive stories of pilgrimages.

The Jamshid Bayrami exposition continues the exposing shedule of ProjectB Contemporary Art, which continues to alternate international well known names of contemporary art, as Zhang Huan and Keith Tyson, and young artist as Varela y Villela and Santy.