January 2012



ProjectB Gallery is proud to present in Via Borgonuovo, Milan the group exhibition Ristruttura curated by Lorenzo Durantini in collaboration with ProjectB. The show is centred on the new emotional landscape of a group of young artists working with photography and video.

Ristruttura is Italian for restructure and the works on display by this new generation of artists explores structures built specifically for the lens as a way of recognising artistic intervention in media that often hide artistic gesture. These artists rework the Renaissance idea of the body being used not as a trace of subjectivity but as a measure against which artistic labour can be calibrated.

Each artist intervenes with an artistic gesture sometimes impercievable and other materially tangible in their work through the intersection of sculpture, performance and installation.

These interventions begin with the poetic in Noemie Goudal's Haven Her Body Was that references a poem by Goethe, to the critical and historical in Jessica Eaton's Cubes for Albers and Lewitt. These reference points however are never means to an end, rather they are the starting place for the creation of autonomous activity and research that enriches itself through dialogue with contemporary art history.

"The basic skills at Ristruttura's disposal - planning, creating, refining, exploring and dismantling - together form a strategy to reintegrate the body within its environment", writes Lorenzo Durantini in his introductory text to the exhibition catalogue, "these actions are discrete, they are within arm's reach. Paradoxically, establishing the limits of the body first necessitates its absence; the clues to find the contemporary body are dispersed within this work". 

Ristruttura is part of ProjectB's long-term commitment to supporting young artists and curators. The catalogue that accompanies the show is presented as an autonomous publication project that helps foster the internal discussion of Ristruttura outside of the gallery walls, expanding the temporality of the exhibition. It was released in London art bookstores and is available online.


Marten Lange (Sweden,1984), Tom Lovelace (UK, 1981), Flashlab, Jessica Eaton (Canada, 1977), Noémie Goudal, Martina Lindqvist, Greta Alfaro (Spagna 1977), Matthieu Lavanchy (Svizzera, 1986) e Chris Engman (USA, 1978).