May 2008



ProjectB Contemporary Art presents the firsto solo show in Milan of the British artist Keith Tyson.

Keith Tyson moves between scientific research,philosopy and an extraordinary world in order to explore the perplexity of human existence.Winner of the prestigious Turner Prize in 2002, he has also taken part in last year’s Venice Biennale.

The Milanese Gallery, in Via Borgonuovo 3, will host the new diptychs “Random Nature”, “Nature Paintings” and a large work titled “Random Walk with Variable Absorption Boundary”, works that have resulted from an autonomous reaction between colours, natural acids on aluminium or glass supports.

Keith Tyson is fascinated by generative processes and by how things come into being. He focuses on the element of the unpredictable, which goes far beyond our comprehension. How does a work of art come into being? Universally metaphysical questions, most common to the human nature, are translated in an artistic gesture that aims to be a container independent from the author himself.

The Nature Paintings series have forces at play, such as gravity and heat and very simple chemical reactions between them. The results are of a staggering order of complexity, diversity and, dare I say, beauty, because they remind us of the complexity and diversity of nature…(A conversation with a magic master, Keith Tyson by Elena Geuna)

What then takes shape is a composition similar to a metaphoric symphony where variations of accents and forms create a perfect equilibrium between colour and sense.

The more recent Random Nature series concentrates in making manifest a normally hidden process of the artistic gesture: The white panels on aluminium, shown next to the Nature paintings series, well illustrate the process followed by the artist. Lines, curves and coils have been traced freely in pencil or with a stronger mark and hold the geometric taste of human research where only the starting and destination points are elements of certainty.