May 2012



ProjectB is proud to announce, A momentary lapse of reason, the first Italian solo show of the Mexican artist Bosco Sodi.

A momentary lapse of reason is the reaction the artist would like to induce in the viewer, leading him into a new art perception, as a reaction to the material and the vibrations of colours like pink, red and blue, that are perceived from the eyes, travel through the brain and, ultimately, touch our heart and memory.

The show is centred on six large paintings realized with the artist’s typical style: the employment of organic materials as pure pigment, sawdust, wood pulp, natural fibers, water and glue. The works are stratifications of organic materials used for their unpredictability and for the energy they exude. The effect is out of control and the final shape depends on the inner properties of the matter.

The sculptural relief of these works strikes viewers. The process takes one or two days: each work is hand-made on a frame, in a continuous artistic gesture, similarly to a performance. The result is a sort of ‘sculpted painting’, criss-crossed by a myriad of minuscule fissures and cracks, that looks like the Earth’s skin soil fragmentation.

Bosco Sodi’s research has always looked to the physical side of art, searching for a channel where energy can flow between the artist and his work. He decided to let the universal laws govern his work: the changing climate, the altitude of an atelier, and the components of a local drop of water influence the final result. He takes inspiration by nature and leaves space to the imperfections the arbitrariness of the unexpected, and the haphazard.

His work reveals the beauty of imperfection without forgetting that one of the most important aspects of art is the seduction.