May 2017



ProjectB is pleased to present Night Scenes, the third solo show at the gallery by the artist Caroline Walker.

The exhibition contains ten oil paintings of various sizes, whose rapid brushstrokes narrate the stories of characters that move in the night: from the thousand lights of Los Angeles to the pristine silence of the mountains in the Czech Republic.  
Night scenes experienced in sheltered domestic settings, in the kitchen of a house, or between a swim in the pool and a garden party, reveal unusual relationships, playing with a kind of “lightless” painting, between reality and fiction.  

Figures that emerge from the gloom, hide in the darkness or appear fleetingly on a surface, in the play of perspectives typical of the Scottish artist who through reflections and distortions always conveys the sense of a privileged vantage point. 
Works that forcefully attract the gaze of the viewer through the use of color and the dynamics of the composition, prompting curiosity, seducing with their tales of the secret behavior of the protagonists.   

Following the narrative thread of the previous works, the characters in the paintings of Caroline Walker look at each other, awaiting some invisible presence, or gaze as if they were observing themselves. They are mostly women, old and young, engaged in ambiguous rituals that draw on feminine archetypes. 
Ranging across different categories of age, sex and social status, the figures are inserted in modernist architectural settings, framed by a window or by a swimming pool: stages of experienced life, which the artist enacts to offer the viewer a special vantage point – poised between observing and being observed – questioning the type of gaze we turn to the world and offering a fascinating take on the structure of our society.