September 2008



“My photos can help to feel like a texture, a poetic gesture; something like happiness or sadness. Photos can help like a caress of heart. I try to answer to my heart’s voice when I do my work.”

Marcos Lopez’ works presented by ProjectB Contemporary Art in Milano, recreate the Latin-American imaginary, taking inspiration from Mexican murals, from soap-opera, billboards, characterized by bold, fluorescent colours, sometimes kitsch: in Pop Latino, Argentina is vivacious and colourful, even though it’s full of melancholy. The choice of colour is the protagonist of this series; since he has begun the colour he’s no longer able to go back to black and white.

For his solo show, foresees from September to October in the space directed by Emanuele Bonomi, there will be 6 c-print photos of big dimension on show.