Sydney Townsend Questions


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Sydney Townsend Questions

Short and fun quick fire of questions and answers between Sydney Townsend and Hugo Wilson

Q: Last exhibition you saw?
A: Monochromed at the National Gallery, beautiful clever show, going from Petrus Christus to Olafur Eliasson

Q: Last song you played?
A: Merle Spears It a Matter of Time, beautiful haunting plodding piano line

Q: Last thing you googled?
A: An amazing set of trompe l'oeil panels made from wooden marquetry called the studiolo gubbio, absolutely mind blowing  

Q: Current state of mind?
A: Frazzled and happy , learning to live with a house full of small monkeys (my energetic daughters)

Q: Canít live without?
A: My energetic daughters 

Q: Favorite film?
A: Dog soldiers, the perfect low budget british horror movie 

Q: Book beside your bed? 
A: Actually reading sapiens for the first time, so so good 

Q: Guilty pleasure?
A: A silly car 

Q: Best piece of advice?
A: From a Godfather:               
1 - there are proper people and not proper people and it is not more complicated (his explanation of a proper person was someone who would do the right thing at a disadvantage to themselves)
2 - donít fall in love with actresses
3 - you will always pay for cheap money 

Q: Dream artist collaboration (living or dead)?
A: I would love to have a show with and in response to the old master drawing collection in the Ashmolean in Oxford