ProjectB will join miart with a selection of works by Martin Eder, Ivan De Menis, Keith Tyson and Caroline Walker.

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For miart2018 edition, ProjectB proposes an exhibition project which sees as protagonists four artists represented by the gallery: the Italian artist Ivan De Menis; the German painter Martin Eder; the English Keith Tyson, that won the Turner Prize in 2002, and the young, promising Scottish artist Caroline Walker. 
Four names that are well represented by ProjectB's path, developed through the alternation of established and emerging, Italian and foreign artists. 

The idea of ProjectB exhibition project is based on the theme of inspiration as a "state of enthusiasm, fantastic excitement in which the artist creates his work, and the very motive that excites and fosters his imagination". 
The fil rouge that links these artists is their reference to the great masters that made the history of art: Ivan De Menis’ works arises from a strong interest in Veneto tonalism recalled by the overlapped layers of color, thus becoming a symbol for the artist’s strong bond with his origins; Martin Eder’s brush stroke take as starting point the study of great Renaissance Masters such as Botticelli and Cranach; on the contrary, for his Un-Natural Portraits, Keith Tyson takes inspiration from portraiture tradition that was born in 1400 and develops until the advent of the Impressionism, that brakes with the Academy; while Caroline Walker’s paintings have the same suspended atmosphere of Hopper’s work, but a style more similar to Freud’s one. 

The project express the unique reletionship of a multiplicity of languages in the main use of color: fastly drawed to define figurative subjects in Caroline Walker’s oils or free to react with acids in Keith Tyson artworks, where subjects and references confuses in something familiar but not completely recognizable, result of the action of chemistry and physical laws; accurate and iperrealistic in Martin Eder’s faces and details; used in its most pure and clean form by Ivan De Menis for his “three-dimensionals paintings”.