May 2018



ProjectB presents the second solo show in Milan by the British artist Annie Morris.

The exhibition brings together the artist’s characteristic works such as: her distinctive ‘Stacks of Joy’ (Wall street Journal), comprised of stacked “spheres” richly painted in pigment that defy gravity, reaching majestically for the sky sourced from all over the world. There is an illusory precariousness that distinguishes them; tapestries and embroideries, on which Morris sews her surreal automatic draws.

The artist's multidisciplinary approach, ranging from drawing to sculpture, from collage to painting, employs a wide range of materials, which she uses to explore life, love, loss and memory.  

A common feature of all the artist's works is the repetition of the same delicate gesture, a sort of playful obsession that creates evocations full of energy and drowns the viewer into an apparently sea of details.   

"The emotional impact of her pictorial gesture accompanies the viewer in the transition from figurative to abstract painting". - Wall Street Journal, NY 2014