March 2018



ProjectB is pleased to present Panacea, the third solo show by the artist Hugo Wilson.

Hugo Wilson shows his personal world composed by ten oils and charcoals of various sizes. The artist guides the viewer towards the breakage of mental and interpretive schemes that habitually cage him by creating parallel realities with a wide selection of sources such as, old masters, computer games, images sourced from YouTube videos and many others to create his incredible paintings.

The remedy - or rather the Panacea - that Wilson proposes in order to free the viewer from the brain categorizations and provide an alternative key to understand what surrounds us starts with the simple de-contextualization of real subjects (Troop and Vanner). Wilson proposes his own personal view going between figuration and abstraction to achieve the hyper referentiality of works such as Last Supper, Dancers and Damned while maintaining the structure of the great masterpieces of art history that inspired them (Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper, Anthony Van Dyck’s Venus asks Volcano the Weapons for Aeneas and Peter Paul Rubens’ Last Judgment). Hugo Wilson’s peculiar vocabulary is also made of bizarre canine contests and scientific studies, such as in his Derby Mushroom painting, in which he depicts a fluorescent mushroom contaminated by jellyfish DNA, or in Groomed, that portrays an innocent poodle used as a living canvas for his owner’s delight.

The artist plays with the viewers, challenging them on different chessboards and relentlessly moving pawns; he confuses them, dismantling and reassembling appearance and reality in a game of affirmation / negation aimed at giving body to his personal artistic conception.

Wilson's ability to manipulate images and the viewer’s perception could not be described with more pertinent expression than the one used with happy intuition by one of his neighbours: “It is like God, but it isn’t".