ArteFiera, Bologna

February 2018

ArteFiera, Bologna

ProjectB will bring to ArteFiera 2018 a solo project by the Italian artist Ivan De Menis, whose language is shaped by resin and color, in a game that recalls Veneto tonalism, thus becoming a symbol for the artistís strong bond with his origins.

The relationship between the artwork and the space is fundamental in his practice, as the artwork must be observed by different points of view and not in a frontal and didactic way only.

The close relation of the artwork with the concept of Time becomes clear studying its shape, material and volume and by observing the contrast between the glossy and smooth surface of the frontal impact and the rough appearance of the sides, in which the search for a particular pictorial sensitivity becomes the foundation of the work.

The idea developed for the art fair investigates the concept of full and empty, in which a work wants to be the matrix of the other, as if there were a negative and a series of extrapolated works from it. A sort of volume compensation, united by the same tonality on the surface, but whose edges astonish for the elaborate and profound process.